12/28/2018 Equanimity Discussion

Notes & Quotes

k.d. lang, “Constant Craving”: https://youtu.be/oXqPjx94YMg

What is equanimity? “Upekkha: equanimity; the state of mind free from craving, aversion, ignorance…”  (Source: Goenka, S.N., 1995, The Discourse Summaries of S.N. Goenka, p. 136)

Excerpts from the Dhammapada (trans. Gil Fronsdal, 2005):

Surrounded by craving, People run around like frightened hares. Held by fetters and bonds, They suffer, repeatedly, over a long time. (342)

Those attached to passion Are caught in a river [of their own making] Like a spider in its own web… (345-347)

Let go of the past, let go of the future, Let go of the present, Gone beyond becoming, With the mind released in every way… (348)

Equanimity/Upekkha Practice, excerpt (from John Misfud’s handout: “Divine Abodes: Loving Kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy, and Equanimity”)

Our lives are just as they are nothing more, nothing less I care deeply and cannot determine future outcomes May we come to fully integrate the peaks, plateaus, and valleys of our experience with balance and grace

Discussion (small group discussion)

What does equanimity mean to you?

What supports your intention of equanimity?

What is an instance of craving or attachment in your life recently? (Be specific; can be big or small, doesn’t need to be the “biggest” challenge)

How could you support your intention of equanimity in this instance of attachment or craving? (Think specifically over the next week or month.)