Accessibility means different things for different people. We’ll try to cover some of the most common questions. If we’ve missed something or to request accommodations, please contact us!

Virtual Gatherings

If you have feedback on how to make our virtual gatherings more accessible, please let our logistical coordinators know by emailing or contacting through the Facebook and Fetlife groups.


Our virtual gatherings are through Zoom (courtesy of EBMC). Participants can connect via phone or computer.

Captioning & ASL

Our virtual sits are not captioned and do not have ASL interpretation.

EBMC is gradually enabling automated captioning. If you need captioning, please let us know and we will try to expedite it. Caveat: The quality is highly variable.

EBMC has recently received funding to support the addition of ASL to some events. If ASL interpretation would enable you to participate, please let contact us, and we will find out more about what options are available to our sit.

In-Person Gatherings

The EBMC entrance is at street-level, with a ramp from the front door into the lobby.

Please do not wear scented products out of consideration for participants who are chemically sensitive. This applies to personal care products as well as laundry detergents used on clothing. There are a few air filters available at EBMC; if you would like one in the sitting area, please let the night’s organizers know before the sit starts and we will try to get one from the main sitting area, if one is available. EBMC does not allow incense or candles.

The Compassion room we sit in is accessed by going through the main temple area, or by passing through the library (if there is no meeting in the library). A ramp leads from the street/front door, into the EBMC lobby area.

EBMC policy is to leave your shoes on the racks in the lobby just inside the EBMC front door. If you cannot go without shoes, there are shoe covers available that must be used.

There are two all-gender bathrooms in the back of the main temple room.

We set up the room before every sit. The space is small but our set up is flexible to meet the needs of our group on any night. There are small, narrow, light-weight (i.e., not very sturdy) folding chairs without arms. Traditional meditation cushions available. Feel free to bring your own meditation cushion, bench, or portable chair as long as they don’t have fragrance (such as from burning incense or scented candles). There is usually enough space if someone needs to lie down.

There is a kitchen with folding chairs and folding tables. Food is not allowed in the sitting areas. Drinks in the sitting areas MUST be in closed containers.

We do not have amplification systems or microphones.

You may want to bring a shawl/wrap or lap blanket during cold weather.

The sitting space is well lit, but during our main sits we often dim the lights. If it would be better for you to leave the full lights on, please let one of the organizers know before we get started.

Trained service dogs are allowed, in compliance with State and Federal guidelines, and must be under the handler’s control at all times and cannot wander in the space. “Trained service dogs” are dogs that meet the ADA definition and criteria. Emotional support, therapy, comfort, or companion animals are NOT considered service animals under ADA and are not allowed in EBMC. When a person who is allergic to dogs and a person who uses a service animal attend the same sit, we will do our best to enable maximum separation; however the space is very small.

On odd-numbered months (i.e., 1/January, 3/March, 5/May, etc.), our primary sit is specifically not breath based.