Due to the current public health emergency, we are only meeting virtually at this time. Please subscribe to one of our groups for meeting details.

When: fourth Friday of every month, from 7:00-8:30PM (Pacific Time).

Extra Pandemic Sit: When we have sufficient volunteer support, we also also are temporarily meetingthe second Friday of the month, 7:00-8:30PM (Pacific Time)

East Bay Meditation Center (EBMC)

No in-person sits at this time.
East Bay Meditation Center, 285 17th St, Oakland, California 94612

Transit: EBMC is a few blocks from 19th Street BART, and near several major AC Transit bus lines.

Bikes: There is indoor bike parking at the back of the main temple room. Do not leave bicycles in the lobby or attached to the railing in the lobby.

Car Parking: On Friday evenings, there is usually on-street parking available for free within a block of EBMC, along 17th or Harrison Street.

Walking to BART, bus or car afterward? If you would like to walk out with other folks, please let us know during announcements at the end! There is also a larger sit that happens in the main room at the same time, and we can always ask if anyone there is heading the same direction, too.